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Delve into the fascinating world of art history and uncover the stories behind masterpieces. Gain insights into different art movements and artists, and discover how art has shaped our culture and society.
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Today we’re talking about the other five components of the grammar (basics) of art: Techniques / Media, Skills, Purposes of Art, Art History, and Art Appreciation. Listen on iTunes | Listen on Google Play | Listen on Stitcher Art and the Classical Model Here’s all the links to this full series on using the Classical Model of Eduction to...

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The world of art can be very hard to navigate! I’ll openly admit that even though I’m an art lover, when it comes to the bit about recognizing which time period a piece is from, I end up completely befuddled. Luckily for me, there are plenty of friendly people on the internet to set the record straight, educate us, and help make us seem like art rockstars at dinner parties and art galleries alike.

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