Bean Paste

Explore a variety of mouth-watering recipes featuring bean paste. From sweet treats to savory dishes, discover how bean paste can elevate your culinary creations.
1 recipe yields about 2 cups of bean paste (almost 500g) Mochi, Sweet Bean Paste Recipe, Bean Paste, Organic Recipes, White Beans, Red Bean Paste, Canned Butter, Butter Beans, Paste Recipe

My Korean grandmother would call this a culinary heresy, but here's a shortcut white bean paste (Shiro An) recipe that I make when I'm in a hurry and don't have any at home. Unlike the traditional recipe, this shortcut recipe uses canned white butter beans and a high-speed blender to create a bean pulp that's quickly squeezed through a nut-milk bag and sweetened with sugar.

Tracy Nakata

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