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Explore fascinating examples of biomimicry and discover how nature inspires innovative solutions. Find inspiration from nature's design to create sustainable and efficient technologies.
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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." ~ Albert Einstein Nature is a powerful teacher, serving as an inspiration to humans to emulate its functioning as a solution to many of the world's problems. Biomimicry, originating from the Greek word 'bios', meaning life, and 'mimesis', meaning to imitate, is a field

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Figure 2: Norman Foster's Gherkin Tower in London derives its famous diagrid skin from the Venus Flower Basket Sponge. The latticeworks on the sponge help to disperse stresses and also withhold water currents- a fine example of how collaborations between designers and botanists have found pragmatic ways to blur boundaries between architecture and nature. Nature, Biomimicry In Architecture, Ernest Haeckel, Be Architecture, Biomimicry Design, Biomimicry Examples, Biomimicry Architecture, Lattice Structure, Materials And Structures

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Interdisciplinary Practices : Architects create visions of what they think could be architecture. A host of systems and processes amalgamate to bring these visions to reality through the built form. From the stages of conceptualisation & planning, we imagine our buildings as encompassed wholes that are essentially a comprehensive integration of ideas, design, processes and fabrication.

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Imagine spending four billion years in school. That is a lot of education, and it forms the baseline for everything around us as we know it. For billions of years, nature has been adapting and evolving to changing temperatures, sea levels, climates, canopies and weather patterns, constantly learning and adjusting to survive. Building has evolved for a few thousand years, starting with rocks, peaking with glass-clad high rises across the globe, and now settling back into an attempted harmony…

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