Bird Feeder

Discover top bird feeder ideas to attract a variety of feathered friends to your garden. Create a welcoming environment for birds and enjoy the beauty of nature in your backyard.
orange bird feeder with wooden skewers, twine and bird seed hung in a tree

Making natural orange bird feeders for our feathered friends is super easy. Every winter, when the yard looks drab, I love to make orange bird feeders for yard ornaments and, of course, to feed the birds. We live in Florida, so we have extra birds visiting our yard in the winter, so these adorable feeders

The Lazy Gastronome
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Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired 3D Puzzle Bird Feeder and Outdoor garden lantern - Functional Art for Avian Enthusiasts >> Small lantern currently unavailable this season, Only the Full size Birdfeeder is an option. It also makes an amazing lantern! Description: Welcome birds to your garden with a touch of architectural brilliance! Our meticulously crafted 3D puzzle bird feeder and lantern pays homage to the iconic design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright, seamlessly blending form and function…

Aline Castilhos
Multiple tiers spiral downward to a full-size flower planter at the base—full-size MDF templates make routing the contours a cinch. Bird Feeder Station, Bird Feeder Stands, Bird Feeders, Diy Bird Feeder, Bird Houses Ideas Diy, Bird Houses Diy, Bird House, Backyard Birds, Bird Houses

This plan covers all the bases with a birdhouse at the top, cascading down to a bird feeder, birdbath, bird playground, and finally, a lovely flower planter at the base. With everything in one place, your backyard birds will have no reason to go elsewhere. Included full-size templates and shop-tested plans simplify every step and make building a breeze. Features: Full-size MDF templates make it easy to cut the contours Templates are reusable for multiple bird feeder stations Includes plans…

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