Birthday party activities

Make your birthday party unforgettable with these fun and engaging activities. From games to crafts, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Plan your next celebration with these exciting ideas.
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Today I am sharing printables for a fun and contemporary birthday game. This game is Free Printable Birthday Selfie Scavenger Hunt. This game is getting popular these days and I am sharing the birthday versions below. I have made this game for a girl’s and boy’s birthday parties. There is also a gender-neutral version of this game that you can use for either gender and also for the parties of the elderly. You can print the game card on white[Read more]


Painting Birthday Party was a success! Today I am sharing all the details, this was the easiest birthday party we have ever done! This was the first party in the new house so it was

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Your teenager can easily have the most fun birthday party when you use any of these super fun teen birthday party activities. These brilliant teen party ideas are sure to make your kids birthday party a memorable one. These activities for teenagers are fun!

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Tattoo Booth...something the kids be in charge of at the relay!!

Tattoo Booth...something the kids be in charge of at the relay!!

Jennifer Hittson