Ceramic animals

Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor with unique ceramic animal pieces. Explore top ideas to incorporate these charming accents into your living space and create a playful atmosphere.
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I'm a Toronto based interior designer turned ceramic artist. While taking my minor in Ceramics, I received an assignment to create a lidded object from the throwing wheel. With love for animals and drawing inspiration from history, I decided to create Egyptian Canopic Jars.

Little Sketch Raven
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Here is a collection of a few of my favourite ceramic animal artists : Lesley Anne Greene : ' I exhibit and sell throughout the UK and model imaginative figurative sculptures using hand building techniques. Inspiration is often drawn from an interest in the role of animals and ancient artefacts and sustained by visits to museums and sites of antiquity both at home and abroad. Other works are derived from encounters in daily life and embrace a playful humour in their expression and form. The…

Bambi Edlund
Adorably Emotional Creatures Comprise Nosey Mungo’s Playful Ceramic Menagerie | Colossal Fimo, Papier, Cute Clay, Handarbeit, Artesanato, Basteln, Clay, Clay Art, Art Toy

In the hands of Helen Burgess, goofy grins, bloated bellies, and eyes wide with surprise turn endangered or overlooked animals into endearing creatures with playfully exaggerated emotions. The British ceramicist, who works as nosey mungo (previously), sculpts quirky renditions of wildlife and other critters—she prefers to focus on conservation issues and species struggling to survive— crafting kooky pufferfish covered in spikes and chicks with tiny beaks poking out from their downy, yellow…

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This cute miniature gecko lizard was hand painted. It is very realistic. This figurine is not vintage and not signed but it will be a perfect gift for reptile collectors and ceramic animals amateurs. Please note that every item is handmade and unique, so there can be tiny differences between the one on the pics and the one that you will receive. Dimensions: Height: 1,3 cm / 0.5" Length: 7,5 cm / 3" Width: 2,8 cm / 1.1" Payment: I accept only Paypal payment. Shipment: The figurine will be…

Elukka Ceramics⚱ est. 2008 on Instagram: ". Here's another #wip from last week 😆 I can already tell that my #tictactoe obsession won't stop anytime soon ! Ribbit ! 🤭 . 🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸 . #ceramictoy #artisantoys #lillypad #froglover #ribbitribbit #tinythings #potteryvideos #wipceramics #elukka #elukkaceramics" Pottery, Diy, Pottery Animals, Ceramic Frogs, Clay Fairies, Ceramic Figures, Ceramic Animals, Pottery Art, Pottery Videos

Elukka Ceramics⚱ est. 2008 on Instagram: ". Here's another #wip from last week 😆 I can already tell that my #tictactoe obsession won't stop anytime soon ! Ribbit ! 🤭 . 🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸🤍🌸🐸 . #ceramictoy #artisantoys #lillypad #froglover #ribbitribbit #tinythings #potteryvideos #wipceramics #elukka #elukkaceramics"

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