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Lost Chevrolet dealership: Honolulu, Hawaii | Hemmings Daily Retro, Ideas, Car Dealerships, Chevrolet Dealership, Plymouth Belvedere, Oldsmobile, Best Classic Cars, Dodge Power Wagon, Honolulu Hawaii

Jim Kelly, who already showed us a pretty nifty AMC dealership in Honolulu, Hawaii, has been out there looking for more old neat Hawaii dealership photos and recently came across these four photos of Aloha Motors, once the Chevrolet and Oldsmobile dealership in Honolulu. What set Aloha Motors apart ...

Johnny Tharp
Lost Chevrolet dealership: LeMars, Iowa (or maybe Larchwood, Iowa?) | Hemmings Chevrolet Dealership, Chevrolet Corvette, Iowa, American Cities, American Muscle Cars, American Vintage, Custom Cars, Missouri, Harley

Amazing what some people will throw out with the trash, isn't it? Craig Hover of Parkville, Missouri, recently sent these photos from 1963 that he said his father rescued from the trash when Chevrolet closed its Omaha zone office in 1986. Craig's father, Jim, was then the district manager for Chevro...

Douglas Utesch