Chia seed recipes

Discover a variety of delicious chia seed recipes that are perfect for a healthy and nutritious diet. Try these recipes and incorporate chia seeds into your daily meals for a boost of energy and wellness.
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Chia seeds are tiny seeds that come with full of health benefits. They are rich in dietary fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Because they expand in liquids and become gel like, you can make chia pudding, chia oatmeals, and even chia fruit spread without having other binding ingredients. It's also one type of seeds those looking to lose weight and burn fat love to add in their clean diet. Here are some of the amazing benefits of chia seeds and what really happens to your body when you eat them.

Robin Boyer Hinkle
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Using coconut milk, this creamy and sweet vanilla chia seed pudding takes less than 5 minutes to prepare (win!) and packs a big nutritional punch! Nourish your body at breakfast with this simple recipe, or enjoy the chia pudding in the afternoon as a nutritious and filling snack topped with fruit.

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