Chocolate Factory Party

Host an unforgettable chocolate factory party with these creative ideas. From Willy Wonka-inspired decorations to delicious chocolate treats, discover how to make your party a sweet success.
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I would have liked to have had this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Celebration on February 1st, because that's when the golden ticket tells the kids to go to the factory. Buuuut Tuesdays are our late day and that's when I have all my big shindigs, so January 30th it was. First I adorned the January bulletin board with an Oompa Loompa, and then I got to planning. I wanted an activity to go with each of the characters that visited the factory. Pigskins & Pigtails had a fun idea for Veruca…

the podunk librarian
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Princess #4 turned 1 on her golden birthday last year. I was racking my brain on what to do for this important party. #1 is an important party in and of itself, but it being her golden birthday (which my older 3 kept bringing up and kept saying it had to be a really cool party because of that) I knew I had to deliver. Then it hit me--her name is Charlotte, and we sometimes call her Charlie. Why not a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Party to celebrate her Golden Birthday? I got right to…

Lori Mitchell

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