Christmas Pudding

Indulge in the traditional Christmas dessert with these mouthwatering pudding recipes. Find the perfect recipe to delight your taste buds and impress your guests this holiday season.
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We've replaced suet with grated butter and some of the usual breadcrumbs with ginger cake, so the pud remains light but is full of flavour. The apple and cranberries keep the pud juicy, and the final flourish is a dash of ginger wine stirred into the sauce – a twist on tradition.

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I don’t deny it: there is something unattractively boastful about calling one’s own recipe “ultimate”. But having soaked my dried fruit for this pudding in Pedro Ximénez — the sweet, dark, sticky sherry that has a hint of liquorice, fig and treacle about it — I know there is no turning back. It’s not even as if it’s an extravagance: the rum or brandy I’ve used up till now are more expensive and do the trick less well. This is sensational — it is the Queen of Christmas puddings. It has to be…

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It’s ‘Stir Up Sunday’ on November 25th 2018, which is held each year on the last Sunday before Advent. It marks the day when, traditionally, families would come together and all create the pudding mixture and take turns to give it a stir! It’s a lovely way to mark the start of the Christmas festivities and get everyone together in the kitchen. There are lots of ingredients in a Christmas pudding so everyone should get […]

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