Circular Loom Weaving

Explore the art of circular loom weaving and create stunning textile crafts. Discover top ideas to weave intricate patterns and textures that will elevate your creativity.
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How to warp a round weaving

Want to get started with circular weaving? In order to create a round weaving you have to start with a good foundation, in this case warping a hoop. Here's how I like to warp my hoops for circular weaving. Get all your supplies together. You’ll need a hoop of some kind (this kind is my favorite), scissors and warp thre

Linda Nelson
Weaving Techniques || Circular Twill | The Weaving Loom Tapis Diy, Circular Weaving, Weaving Loom Projects, How To Weave, Weaving Tutorial, Diy Weaving, Weaving Loom, Weaving Textiles, Weaving Projects

Weaving Techniques || Circular Twill | The Weaving Loom

After posting about adding pom poms to a weave, I received a lot of questions on the spiral pattern in my circular weave. It's a really fun pattern and the best part is all you have to do is the twill weave. The circular warps are what make it spiral, so I really like using

Joan Eischen
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Warping a Knifty Knitter Loom for Weaving in the Round

This tutorial is designed to get you started needle weaving on a circular loom. Part One will help you through the process of warping a Knifty Knitter Loom. And Part Two is where you will begin to weave. PART ONE Getting ready to warp the loom. For the purpose of getting started, pull from what you likely already have on hand. Pictured below is cotton crochet thread for the warp. And for the next two rounds of weaving find something heavier, like a cotton yarn, and then maybe a handspun or…

Lindy Tomberlin
Weaving Lessons || How to Use an Embroidery Hoop as a Loom | The Weaving Loom Circle Loom, Circular Weaving, Diy Tapestry, Weaving Loom Diy, Embroidery Hoop Crafts, Ideas Embroidery, Amigurumi Animals, Fibre And Fabric, Weaving Projects

Weaving Lessons || How to Use an Embroidery Hoop as a Loom | The Weaving Loom

Hey guys! This post is for those of you who want to try weaving on a circle loom, but you are not in the market for yet another loom. I get it, if I could I'd have 100 different looms, but that's not happening anytime soon. So a more affordable option is to use an

Kathy Kurtz
Weaving Techniques || The Best of | The Weaving Loom Pile Weaving, Weave Techniques, Fiber Weaving, Tapestry Loom Weaving, Art Yarn Weaving, Wall Weaving, Circular Weaving, Tapestry Loom, Weaving Loom Diy

Weaving Techniques || The Best of | The Weaving Loom

Let's talk weaving techniques. I'm pulling together my “best of” weaving instructions for those that are new, might have missed one, or want something new to try. I've even made some weaving videos for some of the techniques. ||Basic techniques|| – These are the best techniques to start with if you're new to weaving.


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