Clean sheets

Indulge in the ultimate comfort and freshness with clean sheets. Discover the best tips and tricks to keep your bedding pristine and inviting.
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Garden Trends 2016

Ready, set, go..........In the Midwest that is, the new landscape season is nearly upon us. The trends I experienced last year, that are carrying forward this season, are very intriguing to me. Some are a new take on an old theme, particularly propelled by millennials, others an uptick in established patterns. (actually hate the thought of following a trend, but these appeal) Let's take a look, any of these to your liking? Taking the Interiors OUT.......... Not a covered patio, fully emerged…

Darlene Underwood
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How to Get Your Bed Sheets Amazingly White

This is a great and health conscious way to get your bed sheets white like they were when you first bought them. No need to buy expensive or toxic materials to get your sheets white. This method demonstrated by Do It On a Dime Life may also work well with clothes made with cotton....

Shawna Streeter
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Fresh Linen

I've been freshening up some of my stored vintage linens. I try to keep them rotating and make sure they each have their day in the sun. I like the look of them in their changing stacks and piles. Coverlets, quilts, and spreads just need a quick fold. But there's always a bit of ironing that can be done. Always. But that's the good news! I never feel like I have to iron a thing. It's all for fun and relaxation. If it's not your thing, I just can't explain what a relaxing pleasure it is. Some…

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