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Ensure reliable performance for your computer with the best power supplies. Find top-rated power supplies that provide stable and efficient power to your system for optimal performance.
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Have you ever wondered what's inside your computer's power supply? The task of a PC power supply is to convert the power from the wall (120 or 240 volts AC) into stable power at the DC voltages that the computer requires. The power supply must be compact and low-cost while transforming the power efficiently and safely. To achieve these goals, power supplies use a variety of techniques and are more complex inside than you might expect. In this blog post, I tear down a PC power supply and…

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How to Build a Power Supply for Electronics Hobby: This power supply can be used by electronics hobbyists. Materials: PC Power Supply with Cord 3/8" MDF Wood On/Off Switch From Old Computer 1 Red LED 1 Green LED 6 Banana Jack Sockets Heat Shrink Tubing Plexiglass (Lexan) Wood Screws Drill Motor Dr…

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Computer Power Supply to Bench Power Supply Adapter: There are a lot of ways that you can re-purpose and reuse old electronics. For instance, a computer power supply can make a great bench power supply for your workshop. There are already a lot of tutorials online that show how to convert an old co…

Peter Busen
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Recovering Old PC Power Supplies: Since the 1990s, the world has been invaded by PCs. The situation continues to this day. Older computers, until 2014 ... 2015, are largely out of use. As each PC has a power supply, there are a large number of them abandoned in the form of waste. Th…

Reinhardt Storbeck
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Hack-A-Lantern: Recycled Computer Power Supply Flashlight: Do you have lots of spare computer parts? Do you like to be prepared for emergencies? Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Do you get what I mean when I say the word "Junk-Punk"? If so, then you should build yourself a Recycled Computer Power S…

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How to Use an Old ATX Power Supply As a Lab Power Supply Without Modification Hobby Electronics, Electronics Projects Diy, Electronics Gadgets, Computer Projects, Computer Power Supplies, Diy Electrical, Electrical Projects, Electronic Circuit Projects, Electronic Engineering

Use an old ATX power supply as a lab power supply with this comprehensive guideAn interface box was created to connect to the standard ATX power supply connector to allow turning on the power supply and access to the various voltages...

adeel najfi
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ATX Desktop Computer Power Supply: So I realize that after viewing multiple instructables and creating multiple projects I was using up batteries like crazy. I decided to wire up my own power supply after doing a quick search. My power is capable of your standard voltage of 3.3, 5, a…

Chasya Carmack

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