Copper pennies carrots

Explore mouthwatering recipes that feature the delightful flavor of copper pennies carrots. Try these unique dishes and add a touch of sweetness to your meals.
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An easy, old-fashioned recipe, Copper Pennies, features roasted carrots marinated in a sweet and sour tomato based marinade. This classic make-ahead dish can be served as either a side dish or a salad and is perfect for any occasion.

Emma Rose
Paula Deen's Copper Pennies. Such a great recipe for carrots. And this does last a long time. A must try! Tried it, love it, make a lot! I give this an A! Dips, Courgettes, Snacks, Appetisers, Side Dishes, Paula Deen, Stuffed Peppers, Copper Penny Salad, Paula Deen Recipes

I have no idea how this dish got named "Copper Pennies". The only reason I can think of is the carrots resemble pennies. I have no idea about that but I am certain of its deliciousness. And it ranks high on our family's list of top salad items. I made these "pennies" on Mother's Day this year and they were a hit, especially with Brandon's family. So, a few months back, Brandon's Momaw asked that I make them for Thanksgiving lunch. I was glad to have a reason to make them again. They seem to…

Jennifer Yellin-Poirier