Diy gnat trap

Keep annoying gnats away with these easy-to-make DIY gnat traps. Learn how to make effective traps to eliminate gnats and enjoy a gnat-free home.
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We have a lot of plants in our house, and unfortunately, that has come with a problem: fungus gnats. For a long time, we thought they were fruit flies, but eventually over time, we realized they were coming from the soil of our house plants. Once we realized this, it led us to a new

Tangela Jennings
How to Create a Fool-Proof Gnat Trap. For all my friends who had this problem with me this summer! :) Homemade Gnat Trap, Diy Gnat Trap, Gnats In House Plants, How To Get Rid Of Gnats, Gnat Traps, Fruit Fly Trap, Food Vocabulary, Honey Diy, Liquid Dish Soap

How to Create a Fool-Proof Gnat Trap: I was so frustrated from swatting at gnats every day in my house. I had them go up my nose, in my mouth and eyes, and actually bite me so hard once that I yelled. We didn't keep much, if any, food out on the counter, so the gnats even resorted to ge…

Wanda Garrett
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I understand that *most* people don't want to set fruit fly traps up around their house and then count every single fruit fly to see which one is the best. But I do. Tuesday night is garbage night round these parts. I have a regular garbage bin, a compost pile, a compost bin, a...Read More

Josh Bailey