Diy poopouri spray recipe

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh with these easy and effective DIY Poopouri spray recipes. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and create a pleasant environment for everyone.
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Poo Pouri is a GREAT poop spray! I'll never buy traditional bathroom sprays again - because it's so much more effective to use a toilet spray than an aerosol bathroom deodorizer. Here's how to combine essential oIls & water to make your own homemade Poo Pourri recipe. The original Poopouri before you go toilet spray makes a great gift, but this homemade poo spray is what I keep in each of the bathrooms in my home.

Tiffany Rodriguez

What if I told you that you can poop in public restrooms without fear of stinking up the place? Let’s face it- no one wants to deal with the embarrassment that…

Terri Harris
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Hey! Today I have a fun and useful recipe for you: DIY Poo-Pourri! If you've never used Poo-Pourri, it's a spray that you add to your toilet water before you *ahem* go number two? Drop the kids at the pool? Unloose the caboose? It makes a fragrant barrier using essential oils that cuts down on the resulting smells. It's great for your guest bathroom to make your houseguests feel more at ease...when being at ultimate ease. It's easy to make and I have a DIY version for you below along with…

Colleen Logan
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