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From: Smithsonian's Lemelson Center "[...]Joseph B. Friedman was sitting at his brother's fountain parlor, the Varsity Sweet Shop, in the 1930s, watching his little daughter Judith fuss over a milkshake. She was drinking out of a paper straw, so we can be assured that the milkshake did not taste like grass. But since Stone's paper straw was designed to be straight, little Judith was struggling to drink it up. Friedman had an idea. As the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center explains, he brought a…


Steampunk Dice: Hello, and welcome. I hope that you find this tutorial helpful as I worked on this, with various steps added on as I went. I have also included the STL file of the final design, if you would like to print one yourself. All I ask is that if you do pr…

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Today I have made a fun Free Printable Monopoly Like Board template and Play Money that you can use to make your own monopoly-like board game. These printables are a treat for DIY lovers. You can create a board game with the names from your neighborhood and create a fun game for kids. You can create a game to give as a birthday gift or Christmas gift and you can also make a game board for your grandkids by using[Read more]

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