Dog whisperer

Learn the secrets of dog whispering and develop a deep connection with your furry friend. Discover expert tips and techniques to understand and communicate with dogs effectively.
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Reading Dog Body Language Happy Dog Panting, relaxed and happy expression Body relaxed Enthusiastic tail wag Angry Dog Ears forward or back and close to head Eyes Narrow or staring Mouth and lips open exposing teeth bared Body tense Hackles Up along back Tail stiff and out from body Growling and barking Scared Dog Ears laid back and low on head Eyes narrowed Eyes showing whites Mouth and lips drawn back showing teeth Shivering or tembling Tail between legs May give worried yelp, whine or…

Aileen Dixon
Why Do Dogs Get the Zoomies? Dog Quotes, Dog, Dogs, Husky, Dog Facts, Dog Behavior, Dog Behavior Training, Dog Whisperer, Dog Zoomies

Dogs get the zoomies for a variety of reasons. In most cases, zoomies don’t indicate a problem, they’re merely a way for your dog to let off some steam. Assuming a dog is happy, watching it get the zoomies can be a truly amusing thing to watch! Of course, there are some scenarios where zoomies might indicate that your dog is stressed or in discomfort. Find out more about dog zoomies in this post. #dogs #zoomies #pets

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