Donna Dewberry Techniques

Learn how to create beautiful art using the unique and popular Donna Dewberry techniques. Explore top tips, tricks, and projects to enhance your painting skills and unleash your creativity.
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How to Paint Hydrangeas | Easy Step by Step | One Stroke Art | Acrylic Painting | Beginners TutorialLearn to paint these stunning Hydrangeas using one stroke...

Want to learn more about color? I put together a simple Color Theory Cheat Sheet to help you out. It's free for newsletter subscribers. Painting Lessons, Diy Art Painting, Art Lessons, Painting & Drawing, Color Theory Art, Watercolor Art, Watercolor Hummingbird, Watercolour Paintings, Watercolor Illustration

Need help with color theory? Back when I started painting, I remember trying to use color without truly understanding what it is and the theory behind it. I tried to guess my way through each painting, mixing this color and that until something worked. This typically ended in a muddy and confused mess on the

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