Eco dyeing fabric

Discover eco-friendly fabric dyeing techniques to create stunning and sustainable fashion pieces. Learn how to dye your fabrics using natural materials and reduce your environmental impact.
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(Or your second) Eco printing has been the rage for the past few years. The term minted by eco print guru India Flint has evolved at the speed of light. With it, it renewed the interest in all things concerning natural dyeing. Surely the quest for eco-friendly, sustainable, and home-made goods has been a contribution to the rapid increase of eco-printers around the globe. I think that the race of life has left many of us tired and in need to reconnect to nature. Foraging leav

Brooke Gates
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I’ve just released my new ebook all about eco-printing so I thought this might be a good time to write a quick post about the leaf that started it all for me, eucalyptus! I first learned about eco-printing in my natural dyes and weaving class in college over ten years ago. I saw an example of eucalyptus leaves printed on silk and I was shocked to see they printed a beautiful orange. It took me many years and lots of twists and turns before I finally got a chance to try the method myself and…

Dani Schulte