Ee Cummings

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of E.E. Cummings and discover the unique style and profound themes of his poetry. Experience the power of Cummings' words and be inspired to explore his works further.
What does E.E. Cummings suggest about love in his poems ‘since feeling is first’, ‘may my heart always be open to little’ and ‘You are tired’? – Juliette Rowsell Poems, Feelings, Wise Words, Sayings, Ee Cummings, Poem Quotes, Book Quotes, Writing Poetry, Wonderful Words

Cummings explores the relationship between love, wisdom and age in his poems since feeling is first, may my heart always be open to little and You are tired. While since feeling… clearly focusses o…

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i love you much (most beautiful darling) more than anyone on the earth and i like you better than everything in the sky ee cummings ------- I've loved vintage typewriters since the first time I set eyes on one. With this piece, I have the opportunity to share that feeling with you! This quote is lovingly typed on a 1955 Smith-Corona typewriter on a 4x6 sheet of cardstock or handmade deckle edge paper - your choice! ------- Cardstock: This premium rigid paper offers durability and clean…

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