Fancy pie crust

Take your pie crust to the next level with these creative and fancy ideas. Impress your guests with beautifully decorated pies that taste as good as they look.
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Thanksgiving is pie time. Now most people don't know this but my absolute favorite dessert is pie. So let's talk pie crust. Does it make you nervous? It doesn't have to! I have the solution to every pie problem! Recipe Problems: First of all, there is no shame in the pie crust mix you buy from the grocery store. It's 'just add water' and works great! Just add a little bit of vanilla extract, give it a nice egg wash and it will look and taste perfect! But if you do want to make it…

Gina Garcia
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German baker and photographer Karin Pfeiff-Boschek takes pastry baking to a whole new level that is definitely close to pie-fection. She masterfully arranges dough and fruits into the most beautiful pie crust designs. Vibrant botanical and geometrical ornaments on top of delicious pies make them almost too pretty to eat.

Felicia Penido