Filled Donuts

Indulge in mouthwatering filled donut recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Explore a variety of flavors and fillings to create the perfect treat for any occasion.
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What's better than a soft, puffy donut? A cream filled donut! Bavarian Cream Donuts are a classic for a reason. Fried dough rolled in sugar and filled with custard (Pastry Cream + whipped cream), they are a totally irresistible and decadent treat. I will show you exactly how to make them step by step!

Tammy Lavoie
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Fluffy Boston Cream Donuts are stuffed with pastry cream filling and dipped in a rich chocolate glaze! Don't let the deep frying scare you off, because this recipe is worth every step. And so much better than anything you'll get from the donut shop. Boston Cream Donut Recipe Do you get childhood cravings? I get

Linda Neely
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Spread the love Oreo cookies are the best!These cookies are such a classic. I mean, who doesn’t like Oreos??? These Oreo Cheesecake Doughnuts satisfy my Oreo craving any day! Soft brioche doughnuts with an Oreo filling in the middle, Topping with a vanilla glaze and crushed Oreos….. delicious! I used a brioche dough because it’s so soft and pillowy. Perfect for doughnuts. You can use as many Oreos in this recipe as you want to. For the filling, I used 4. If you don’t want as many, use one or…

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