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Explore a collection of stunning French knot embroidery designs and techniques. Add a touch of elegance to your crafts with these creative ideas and start stitching today.
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Oooh la la! French knots - so very fancy - and so very frustrating. When you don't know the trick to them, that is. For years I had a love/hate relationship with them. I loved the effect - there's nothing quite like it for teeny polkadots and nubbly texture. But I hated their unpredictability. Sometimes

Vickey Mann
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At the end of last year I was able to teach a few ornament classes locally. It's always such great experience to learn from my students. Many of my felt ornament designs involve some basic embroidery stitches. One of my favorites is the French Knot. It's such a great little stitch for adding a touch

Mary Elhardt
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French knot is, undoubtedly, the most popular knot stitch out there. But it has a “twin” - colonial knot. Jump in to explore the similarities and differences between the two! So, how do you stitch colonial knot? Many people fear it because it seems tricky. Me too, for a long time I used french knots exclusively and didn't even want to try the colonial one because it just seems difficult. But I was wrong! Once you “crack” the process, stitching colonial knots will go smoothly and fast. The…

Mary Jones Olson
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When might you need a French knot? French knots can make lovely additions to a cross stitch project. Patterns may use them for eyes, flowers or to create other details. Stitchers often shy away from French knots as they look hard to stitch, but it just takes a little practice. Top tip - when stitching French knots it

Rosco P. Coltran

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