Frozen Drink Makers

Beat the heat with refreshing frozen drink recipes made using a high-quality frozen drink maker. Explore a variety of flavors and enjoy the perfect summer treat.
Frozen mocha coffee drink, similar to Frappuccino and as delicious! Frappuccino, Margaritas, Decoration, Frappuccino Recipe, Drinks Machine, Frozen Drink Maker, Frozen Drink Machine, Margarita Machine Recipes, Slushie Recipe

It's sum, sum, summertime! What better way to enjoy the hot weather than with a cold (frozen) drink? Here are two of my favorite non-alcoholic coffee drinks. The $'s you save making your own will more than pay for your Margarita Machine! It's so much fun and such a conversation starter. I figured 38 drinks would pay for the machine and one 3 lb. Mocafe container. $165 & 25 = $190 divided by $5 per Starbucks frozen drink = 38 at home drinks and you can make them anytime! Recipe for blender…