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Take a journey through time and discover iconic hairstyles from different time periods. From the roaring 20s to the trendy 90s, explore the evolution of hairstyles and find inspiration for your next look.
Really awesome Edwardian hairstyles. There are more that are a little less dramatic on this same blog post. :) Hairstyle, Hair Styles, Long Hair Styles, Hair Piece, Hair Rat, Hair Pieces, Modern Hairstyles, Vintage Hairstyles Tutorial, Victorian Hairstyles

This April marks the 100th anniversary of both the Titanic's maiden voyage and tragic destruction. I think this particular disaster in our social memory is especially interesting because it marked the "beginning of the end", so to speak: after what had been an upward slope of industry, wealth (for some), and engineering during the close of the last century, the sinking of the Titanic was followed by WWI and a complete change in the cultural mindset. No longer did we doubt our immortality…

Maplehill Estate
Wonderful Blog post!!! - A Frolic through Time: Hairstyle Tutorial: A 1909 Edwardian Coiffure Costumes, Vintage, Vintage Hair, Steampunk, Edwardian Hairstyles, Historical Hairstyles, Edwardian Hair, Victorian Hair, Victorian Hairstyles

At long last, a tutorial showing you how to create a popular 1909 hairstyle, a sort of modified "Grecian" look. As always, please click on the images for larger-size versions This coiffure's front silhouette is wide, with large-ish puffs to each side, rather flat on top. From the side it looks large too, because the back hair is gathered into a big coiled bun. The style came into being, so newspapers of the day reported, in response to the ever-increasing dimensions of fashionable hats. The…

Tabitha de Luna

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