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Discover the unique artistry of hand looms and support sustainable fashion. Find inspiration and shop from a wide range of hand loom products to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.
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You guys know I’ve been super curious about weaving the past couple of years (I never got a chance to tell you about my blissfully calm afternoon of Saori weaving in the midst of our moving mayhem) so I’m thrilled to have these little handmade, solid maple hand looms for the holiday collection at Fringe […]

Jackie Holmes
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If I want to try out a band pattern or just weave something quickly I usually set up the warp and thread it onto my heddle at the same time. This isn’t the most meticulous way to set up a small weave, but I find it to be the fastest and for small weaves woven on my kind of heddles I find it to work

Robin Truett
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Weaving a scarf is the perfect starting point for the new weaver. It's a narrow piece, which makes it easy to tension. It's a long warp, but not so long as to be likely to cause any real issues. And once you're done weaving and wet finishing, you have a completed woven piece, ready to

Jennifer Eddy-Null
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I'm making a little lap throw with the weave it loom. It hasn't taken much time though I haven't really been diligent about working on it, but I do pick it up when I have a little time and this is the progress so far. There's about 75 squares. The yarn I'm using is mostly hand dyed and sock weight so the weave is a little loose. I'm not crazy about the yellow cast on the ivory yarn but I ordered a huge skein of it online.

reeuma_1 💐

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