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Discover the power of high speed cameras to capture fast-moving objects with precision. Explore top ideas for using high speed cameras in photography, sports, and more.
Demystifying High-Speed Sync | Fstoppers Technology, Adoption, Dslr Cameras, High Speed Sync, Speedlight Photography, High Speed, Speed, Sync, Dslr Camera

High-speed sync has been around for quite some time now, and has mostly been limited to speedlights. With Profoto’s recent adoption of the technology into its B1 and B2 Series lighting systems, they are signaling a change that has the potential to bring some much needed relief to the strobist community. This signal hopefully means the beginning of the end of flash sync

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High Speed Camera + High Speed Robot = Awesomeness Photography, High Speed Camera, Speed, High Speed, Robot Arm, Montage Video, Robot, What Happens When You, Awesome

Awesome is what happens. We have all seen the yummy slow motion footage that comes out of cameras like the Phantom, but what the Bolt High Speed Cinebot has done is integrate a precise (and repeatable) movement into those images. Imagine a giant robotic arm with a camera on the end, and you at the controls. In this behind the scenes montage video, you will get to see the

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