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Explore the incredible artistic journey of Jessica Hische, a renowned designer and lettering artist. Discover her unique style and innovative approach to typography, and be inspired to unleash your own creativity.
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Jessica Hische. Graphic artist, illustrator, and letterer. Watching her speak about her career and looking at all she's done with her life is inspiring to say the least (Watch her talk here: You see all of her accomplishments and realize that you yourself better get a move on and speed up your own life if you are going to get even remotely close to her level (Check out her site, it's full of so many wonderful and beautiful things: One of…

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Jessica Hische grew up in Pennsylvania, “raised by two non-creatives that decided it would be OK to let their little girl pursue a seemingly impractical career.” Seemingly being the key word there. After declaring graphic design as her major, Hische graduated in 2006 and joined HEADCASE Design in Philadelphia where she spent time designing books. Soon after, she began working for Louise Fili out of Brooklyn. And by 2009, she was on her own as a letterer, type designer, illust

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About this item GRAPHIC DESIGN INSPIRATION: This postcard box features an alphabetically oriented set of 100 drop cap letters. PERFECT FOR JESSICA HISCHE FANS: The postcard set collects letters from Daily Drop Cap, Jessica Hische’s popular typography website. AN A TO Z OF GOOD DESIGN: Each card pops with bright colors and highly illustrative letters. UNIQUE AND PERSONAL: Pick out a postcard to match the first letter of your recipient’s name for a personal impression in the mail. HAND…

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Photo by Kari Orvik / Photobooth SF In honor of her delectable dropcap for Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way, Print invited Typography & Lettering Awards judge Jessica Hische to take the Proust Questionnaire—a Victorian parlour game popularized by Proust (which was resurrected in those omnipresent surveys that haunted our AOL and Hotmail accounts in the ’90s). Your present state of mind: A little anxious, but mostly optimistic. What defines you: I like to think most people would de

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