Laboratory Hot Plates

Discover the latest laboratory hot plates that provide efficient heating for your experiments. Upgrade your lab with these innovative solutions for precise temperature control and reliable performance.
YaeCCC Magnetic Stirrer 4.7 x 4.7 Inch Heating Plate Magnetic Mixer SH-2 Hot Plate 1000ml Stirring Capacity Magnetic Stirrer Kit 180W 0~1600RPM 1L Volume Heating Power, #Ad #Plate, #SPONSORED, #Heating, #Mixer, #Hot Mixers, Toilet, Mixer, Capacity, Toilet Paper Holder, Heat, Plate, Kit, Plates

Magnetic Stirrer Voltage:110V.Stirrer Motor Power: 10W.Heating Power: 180W Maximum heating plate temperature: 380℃.Stirring speed: 100-1600 RPM adjustable.Stirring capacity: 1000ml Liquid Fully enclosed heating plate, no open flame, heating up fast, durable Heating and stirring at the same time.The heating power and stirring speed stepless adjustable This magnetic stirrer plate is suitable for industrial, agricultural, medical and health, scientific research institutions, colleges and…