Explore the breathtaking beauty of landforms and learn how to incorporate them into your landscape design. Get inspired with top ideas to create a stunning outdoor space that showcases the natural wonders of landforms.
Ginger Snaps: Landforms Activity and Gradebook Printable/Freebie! Homeschool Geography, Teaching Geography, Homeschool Science, Science Classroom, Teaching Science, Science Lessons, Science For Kids, Social Science, Homeschooling

This week in Science we have been learning about Earth's Land Features. All week we took notes, learned hand gestures, and watched a video, and then we made a landform flipbook. I have to say, it came out SOOOO cute!! I got the idea from an AIMS lesson and adapted it for the SC landforms. Here is what it looks like completed! And here it is in action! You can download it HERE!

Dana Elizabeth

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