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Explore exciting and interactive activities to help kids learn about weather. From experiments to games, discover engaging ways to spark their curiosity and understanding of meteorology.
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Just had to share what we have been up to the past couple of weeks! We used Jennifer's (from First Grade Blue Skies) Polar Bear Close Read and "Bear" Facts FREEBIE packs to learn about Polar Bears. We began a unit on weather by asking and answering the question "What is Weather?". We learned what a meteorologist is and does using this darling anchor chart from A Cupcake for the Teacher. And we were able to listen to a presentation by the MAIN WEATHER MAN, JAMES SPANN! And of course, you…

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We have a new activity to add to our gross motor dice collection! My daughter loves pulling out the dice throughout the day and "rolling" them. While she is learning about weather terms, she is also getting some great gross motor play in which is perfect for when she can't get outside to play! This

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