Lucian Freud

Discover the mesmerizing artworks of Lucian Freud and delve into his unique style of portraiture. Immerse yourself in the world of this renowned artist and experience the raw emotions captured in his paintings.
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BOSTON - Without a whole lot of anagrammatical labor, "modern master," which is a term most people in the art game apply to Lucian Freud, becomes "monster dream," which might well describe - to some, anyway - both the artist and his art. Freud might actually like that. Lucian Freud's biography makes bad boy Paul Gauguin - whose life and work I just dove into in these pages - look like a choirboy. A choirboy in a dark religion, admittedly, but still . . .

Amelia Hart
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Lucian Freud, born in 1922, English painter, known for his technical precision and distinguished by a talent for representing the human figure. Freud has played a vital role in the continuation of the tradition of portraiture in British painting. The grandson of Austrian physician Sigmund Freud, he was born in Berlin but emigrated to England with his family as a child. Between 1939 and 1943 he trained at the Central School of Art in London, the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in…

Jessie Strydom

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