Medium Format Camera

Elevate your photography game with a medium format camera. Discover how this powerful tool can help you capture stunning, high-resolution images that will stand the test of time.
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In 1976, Rollei released the SLX, a fully electronic medium format SLR to compete with Hasselblad’s famous machines. With a built-in light meter, automatic motor advance, and shutter-priority auto-exposure, it was in many ways a far more advanced camera than the ones being produced by Rollei’s Swedish rivals. The photographic world took notice. Rollei had […]

Dorian Kent
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If someone asked us to design a home entertainment system that would be compatible with systems 60 years into the future (the year 2079), we would probably respond, “Impossible!” Not only would it be difficult to predict whether hardware would still be compatible, but what about the media and software? Designing anything future-proof is a […]

Francesco La

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