Milk Chocolate

Indulge in the creamy and smooth taste of milk chocolate with our collection of delectable treats. From classic bars to gourmet creations, discover the perfect sweet treat for any occasion.
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Who doesn’t love chocolate? The chocolate industry is worth billions, simply because people can’t get enough of it!A majority of the desserts include chocolate as part of their main ingredient and chocolate is also every kid’s favorite treat. But what if you don’t want the store- bought chocolate that is filled with artificial ingredients, sugars,waxes and preservatives?There are healthier and more cost-effective way to have a chocolate that only the Swiss and Belgians get to savor, not now…

Rebecca Thomson
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Making chocolate milk from scratch is fast, easy and delivers a deep chocolate flavor. The base syrup here doubles down on chocolate, combining unsweetened cocoa powder with chocolate containing 100 percent cacao. Their bitter edge balance the sweetness nicely. The syrup is also quite versatile: Feel free to use it in coffee, cocktails and even soda water if that's your thing.

Marissa Wolf

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