Morning announcements

Make your school mornings exciting and informative with these engaging morning announcement ideas. Get inspired to create a positive and energetic start to the day for your students.
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Add structure to your school’s morning announcements by producing recurring segments. These segments can be aired monthly, weekly, or even daily. Students and viewers alike will look forward to certain segments, creating excitement and anticipation. You can also have a team of student producers for each segment, creating more leadership positions within your program. Below are a few ideas to get started!

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Here's a peek at how each school day starts for me--with morning announcement duty! Our school has a talented team of 5th graders who work hard both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Here's one of our news anchors: The anchors read a script from a monitor, updated daily by one of our computer programmers: Something we added this year to announcements is a daily "Did You Know" segment. Teachers and students send in interesting facts about things they're learning in class, and we…

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Morning announcements during our adolescent years involved listening to an intercom, or at best, getting to see a pre-recorded video on our classrooms’ CRT TVs every morning. But today’s students get to experience morning announcements in a truly live and high-quality setting. For the K-6 students at Maple Elementary in Smithville, MO, this comes in the form of live streaming. Dr. Rena Hawkins is the principal at Maple Elementary and co-host of the #ShareMOEdu podcast. As principal, Hawkins…

Erin Gilday
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While I was in the throws of coordinating and administering a standardized assessment to about 450 of our students (that was going to be online…for the first time…using only 30 computers), I learned that our district was about to celebrate College Awareness week and that every school had to participate in some way or another. […]