Pablo Picasso

Explore the brilliant and influential works of Pablo Picasso, one of the most renowned artists of the 20th century. Immerse yourself in his innovative styles and revolutionary artistic techniques.
Kathy's AngelNik Designs & Art Project Ideas: Picasso Portrait Inspired Art Lesson Using Folded Paper and Watercolor Elementary Art, Art, Art Lessons, Art Projects, Abstract Art, Abstract Paintings, Cubism Art, Geometric Art, Picasso Paintings

There are so many ways to teach Picasso portraits, I'm working with 3rd grade so I wanted to keep it simple. I'll show them some of Picasso's Portraits and then go into the project - demonstrating each step. I'm going to ask them to create diagonal folds, not even folds that create squares on their page, but more random folds. They should make about 5 folds and then using a ruler go over the fold lines with a sharpie. Looking at the lines on their page and turning it around from different…

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