Discover the unique allure of patina with these inspiring ideas. Add a touch of history and character to your space with patina finishes and textures.
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Unleash Creativity with Floral Furniture Transfer Dresser: A Fusion of Color Blends and Rustic Designs. Elevate your painted furniture masterpiece with exquisite floral design transfers. Explore the seamless marriage of colors, the art of design transfers, and the allure of rustic charm. Transform ordinary to extraordinary, as your dresser becomes a canvas of artistic expression. Discover the enchantment today!

Pedro Penzini
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At HVART we design and install beautiful bespoke surface designs and finishes in paint, lacquer, impasto and polished plaster mediums. These designs and finishes are proudly based on our traditional training as artisans & master craftsmen. Shown here are images of some of the designs currently in our library. Please click on the design image to view text depicting the appropriate surfaces and areas that could be treated to this finish. If you have a design in mind please enter this in to the…


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