Uncover the secrets of Pindaya with our comprehensive guide. From its enchanting caves to its vibrant local culture, there is so much to explore in this hidden gem of a destination.
Spiders, Princesses and too many stairs : Around the Pindaya Cave temple Mandalay, Mythology, Disney, Kalaw, Yangon, Princesses, Bagan, Temple, Mythical Creatures

Much like the disastrous stay on top of the Golden Rock, this was another unexpected addition to our itinerary about which we knew very little in advance. Fortunately this one turned out to be a thoroughly pleasant surprise. A short drive from Kalaw, we were dropped off in the shadow of a giant spider, climbing down from the Pindaya Caves built into the limestone rock face. Paying our entrance fee we stood at the bottom of an endless looking flight of steps, winding their way up to a second…


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