Explore a variety of delicious and nutritious plum recipes to add a burst of flavor to your meals. From plum tarts to plum salads, discover creative ways to enjoy this juicy and refreshing fruit.
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Normally any home purchase is news and certainly worthy of celebration but this one feels especially sweet for our family (yes, we just bought a home!!). When we arrived in the Silicon Valley almost a year ago now, little did we know that we would find ourselves in the middle of the most challenging real

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After eating the plums, save the seeds and plant them. Gardening, Fruit, Growing Vegetables, Planting Seeds, Avocado, Growing Fruit, Plum Seed, Growing Fruit Trees, Growing Seeds

Plums are categorized into three main groups -- the European, Damson and Japanese, according to the University of Rhode Island Landscape and Horticulture Program. Each group has its own qualities and benefits, but all have the same general growth requirements, although some have different pollination needs.

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