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Learn about plumbing traps and their role in maintaining a healthy and functional plumbing system. Discover why plumbing traps are essential for preventing sewer gases from entering your home and how to choose the right trap for your needs.
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I don't go out of my way to be a nit picker as a Seattle Home Inspector----sometimes it just happens. I think the kind of nit picker that most agents have a problem with is when those seemingly unimportant items end up in the "Summary of Significant Findings" section of the report. This is "bad form"----as Captain Hook would say. While this kind of information should be mentioned in the context of general "information" about the home, placing it in the Summary gives it "weight" that it…

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What is a P-Trap and How Does it Work? | Oatey P Trap Plumbing, Two Way Street, Video Case, Sewer System, Drain Pipe, Blog Video, Plumbing System, Septic Tank, Sink Drain

When thinking of a plumbing system for your home or dwelling, you first must ensure that waste efficiently and effectively exits the structure into the municipal sewer system or septic tank. Your plumbing system, however, is a two-way street. A specialized fitting called a p-trap creates a powerful barrier that stops sewer gas and odor from entering your home. The trap is employed in any plumbing system that uses a drain and accepts sanitary waste from tubs, showers and sinks.

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