Queenslander Architecture

Explore the elegance and charm of Queenslander architecture. Learn about the unique features and timeless design elements that make these homes truly special. Find inspiration for your own Queenslander-style dream home.
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BDAA 2022 Award Winning Renovation & Kitchen Finalist. A renovation solution which successfully combines features of the Hampton and Plantation styles with the existing Queenslander home, to create a classic and timeless home.

Michael Kasprowicz
Classic style home meets modern architecture: Inside the birdcage. Traditional Queenslander home. Queenslander home painted black and white. Cosmetic makeover of Queenslander home. Front landscaping on sloping block. See the full home tour on the blog. Queenslander, Architecture, Queenslander Homes Exterior, Queenslander House, Queenslander Renovation, Classic House, Queenslander Architecture, House Front, House Exterior

Keeping a home’s original features and character while adding a modern twist can be difficult. But when it’s done right, it’s perfection — like the birdcage home. A classic style home meets modern architecture. At first glance, this home is the epitome of the classic workers cottage, typical of its inner-city suburb. And then you ...

Style Curator | Gina Beschorner

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