Raw Vegan Dinner Recipes

Discover a variety of mouthwatering raw vegan dinner recipes that are nutritious and easy to prepare. Elevate your plant-based dining experience with these flavorful dishes.
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I really love this raw vegan lasagne. It's great to take to potlucks or give to your non-raw friends and doesn't need any expensive kitchen equipment other than a knife, a chopping board and an inexpensive food processor. A mandoline would be an advantage and is also very cheap in terms of kitchen equipment. It can be made as individual portions, as you see in the picture, or it can be made in a baking dish.

Jenna Kleponis
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When you look at the ingredients list for Pasta Puttanesca, it’s really difficult to fully appreciate how much flavour this simple little dish has. I’ve used spiralised courgette (zucchini) here, but you could also use butternut squash, sprinkled with a little salt and left to sit for 10 mins, so it softens. If you’re doing that version, make sure you don’t add extra salt when adding the remaining ingredients. I’ve also given you the recipe for a really cool and very quick maca

Candice Suzanne
How to make RAW VEGAN pizza 🍕- so good 🤤🙌🏼 Detox, Desserts, Foodies, Healthy Recipes, Vegan Meals, Glow, Ideas, Vegan Meal Prep, Raw Food Diet

Living a RAW VEGAN lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring.. just eating salad all the time. You can also make and enjoy your own pizza!! We will show you how to do it in our new ebook, available on our website! 🙌🏼🌈😋 We provide you with all the informations, recipes, tips and tricks you need to know to switch to a RAW VEGAN diet and transform your whole life! Start your challenge today! NOW: 20% discount with : 20%code

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