Remote working

Discover effective strategies and tools to enhance your productivity while working remotely. Take advantage of flexible work arrangements and create a successful remote work routine today.
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Despite the glamorous side to digital nomadism (jet setting off around the world for as long as you like, working from wherever)... ...It's easy to screw up this lifestyle. I'm talking about managing your money across currencies, finding places to work that help you stay productive, managing your time, so you're not stuck in a hotel room 24/7, and protecting your data while abroad. And that is the tip of the iceberg of things you need to worry about when you start living out of a suitcase…

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Don't let anyone deter you. The dream of working from home—perhaps in your pajamas, from the warmth of your bed—is well within reach. The freelancing workforce has grown from just 6 percent of employees in 1989 to 34 percent of employees today—and according to data from jobs website FlexJobs, freelancers should make up 43 percent of the workforce by 2020. And there's more good news for those who are ready to trade in their office badges: Not all guys and gals working from home are subsisting…

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