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Step back in time with these captivating retro advertising ideas. Explore creative ways to incorporate nostalgia into your marketing campaigns and engage your audience.
The history of Tootsie Rolls, once America's favorite candy (and Tootsie Pops, too) Poster Vintage Retro, Retro Ads, Vintage Comics, Vintage Prints, 1950s Vintage, 1950s Ads, Vintage Party, 1950s Posters, Vintage Advertising Posters

The Tootsie Roll has a sweet legacy that started way back at the end of the 1800s, and continues to this day. From the early days, the unique chocolaty chewy candy was a huge favorite with kids. Find out more about them here!

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One of our assigned readings for class (Felton 2006) talked about the importance of the overall look and feel of an ad; essentially, the ad's format. Felton gives 7 suggested layouts to use as a type of "checklist" when developing an ad. I have taken the time to find all seven, using various types of Starbucks coffee advertisements as examples. 1. Standard Layout: Starbucks has a lot of ads that are in the standard layout form; Illustration, Headline, copy, logo. I chose this one because 1)…

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A visual directory celebrating some of the finest conceptual copywriters and their craft. This means possessing the ability to do more than simply string words together, as people, products and platforms have all evolved. Sometimes the solve needs words, and sometimes a visual does the trick. As you'll see below. Many


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