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Figuarts Zero chouette is proud to announce Eternal Sailor Moon from the 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: The Movie'! Through the use of gentle yet detailed sculpting, translucent materials, and chrome plating, Figuarts Zero chouette brings Eternal Sailor Moon to life, with all of her ephemerality and courage! Be sure to add Eternal Sailor Moon in her Darkness calls to

★ S W I X ★
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It's hard to believe 2019 is already the fifth year of the Sailor Moon x Q-Pot collaboration. I'm so excited to finally complete the entire set of Sailor Moon's brooch macaron necklaces. The newest additions from this year are the transformation brooches from both the anime and manga. The manga version was a Pretty Guardians Fan Club exclusive, while the anime brooch was released on June 30th with all of the other accessories and goods at Q-Pot cafes and their online store.

Constance Holfinger