Saona Island

Discover the stunning beauty of Saona Island and immerse yourself in its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. Plan your dream vacation to Saona Island today and experience paradise like never before.
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With a population of only 300 people, Saona Island is exactly what I hoped to experience in the Dominican Republic. Sleepy fishing villages line the picture-perfect coast with faded pastel shacks selling snacks and bric-a-brac while kids play dominoes on the beach. While the girls played games, a grandmother napped nearby, keeping one eye open on our small tourist group. We had arrived by catamaran, a leisurely trip through impossibly turquoise waters. A group of young boys and girls eagerly…

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Saona Island, reminiscent of a paradise, is called the heart and soul of the Dominican Republic, as well as the diamond of the Caribbean. Locals say that to visit the Dominican Republic and not to visit Saona is equivalent to the fact that, while relaxing in Paris, you will not climb the Eiffel Tower. Despite

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