Enhance your garden with creative and unique scarecrow ideas. Find inspiration to make your garden more lively and protect it from unwanted visitors.
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Hello there, I'm Corpsegoddess. Take my hand, it's time for a walk through the leaves that skitter along the sidewalk. Smell that in the air? It smells like autumn and Halloween. This is a place to celebrate the season when we remember our ancestors and our Dead, whatever our culture might be. For all things spooky, creepy and gothy: Batwing Dreams

Sarah Elizabeth
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Happy Halloween! This year in honor of one of the most fun-filled holidays of the year, I thought I’d take a quick tally of heroes and villains that are related to autumn’s signature melon! (No Power Girl isn’t on the list.) Pumpkin flavoring isn’t limited to Starbucks’ menu. Here are the comic book denizens that are especially affiliated with the great pumpkin! 5. Cinderella (Fables) – Well, y’know there was that whole carriage ride. Cinderella is probably the most famous character on this…

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Haunted Halloween is a goosebump-tingling Halloween-themed NFT collection. It features an animated Haunted House, Witches with Black Cats, and a pumpkin patch from hell. All things that go bump in the night are welcome here, and this will become an ever-growing NFT collection. Halloween comes around only once a year, but the Haunted Halloween NFT collection will stay with you forever! Don't be scared, but act fast because this collection is limited.

Greg Luzniak

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