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Tompert Self-Promotional Coasters - PaperSpecs

[youtube=] A love for craftsmanship, materials and the tactile nature of letterpress printing in a digital world inspired this self-promotional piece from Tompert Design … well, that and a conversation about their favorite cocktails. And of course this client gift was one of those teachable moments as the junior designers learned all about preparing art for letterpress, trapping, overprint, under […]

Morgan Johnston
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Design Context

The basis of the collaboration will need to be something, that plays with something very British.. i.e. olympics 2012.. Twinning tea.. Beer etc. it needs to be something that would appeal to the masses as i am trying to inform the masses of the issue behind the phone box. I need to work out what i am trying to achieve with in the project as to which target audience i look at?

Chris †