Sesame Sticks

Indulge in the deliciousness of sesame sticks, perfect for snacking anytime. Discover a variety of flavors and find your new favorite crunchy snack.
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Y'know the sesame sticks that come in those Snack Mixes and the bulk bins in the grocery stores? I love 'em. I'm the one who picks all the good stuff out first (like the sesame sticks).and leaves the rest (the peanuts and the pretzels)And because they're "Sesame" we think, well seeds are keto, right? LOL. only if it doesn't come baked in 2 cups of wheat flour. A quarter of a cup of sesame sticks is 15 to 20 carbs! Ouch. So JOhn and I decided to give them a shot and guess what? They are a…

Kelly Human
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I LOVE sesame sticks. They are so expensive though, and not as easy to find here as I'd like them to be. I can get them in bulk at Whole Foods, but it's a 20 minute drive to get there (and they are still expensive!) I found this recipe online at RedChiles (a really cool food blog!) and tried it this past weekend. They are great! So EASY and CHEAP to make! I doubled the recipe, and didn't have the chili pepper powder to add. Plus added a few things which I'll list on my recipe below. (My…

Julianne Bloom